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Frequently Asked Questions about USB Protocol Analyser

This page provides the answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: What is a USB Protocol Analyser?

A: USB Protocol Analyser (aka USB Traffic Monitor or USB Sniffer) is a tool that captures USB devices activity, decodes and presents the results of the captured data analysis in a convenient and easily readable form. It can be used as USB driver and software development, USB Protocol debugging, diagnostic and learning tool. A good USB Protocol Analyser is a vital part of both software and hardware developers' toolkit.

Q: Is USBlyzer a hardware USB Protocol Analyser?

A: No. USBlyzer is 100% software USB protocol sniffing tool. A hardware USB Analyser is a physical device that connected between a computer and USB peripheral to capture data traffic, electrical states and control information transmitted on a physical bus. But hardware USB Protocol Analyser is completely unaware about what is going on inside the operating system USB software. What USB drivers are used to connect various peripheral USB devices to a computer? What I/O requests, routines, structures, and interfaces the USB software components use to communicate with the USB devices? All that software-related stuff is completely hidden from the hardware analysers. A software USB Protocal Analyser from the other hand cannot see any activity on physical bus but captures all the requests that cannot be seen from a hardware level. Thus, a good software USB Analyser is indispensable tool to complement a hardware analyser. Learn more about how a software USB Protocol Analyzer works.

Q: How will USBlyzer be useful to me?

A: With USBlyzer you can view the detailed information about all USB devices and their child components. USB Analyser is the only tool that allows you to capture, decode and display important information going through USB device stack, trace and analyse USB requests that the user-mode applications and USB device drivers use to communicate with the USB driver stack.

Q: Do I have to be an expert to use USBlyzer?

A: No. Not only the software and hardware development professionals may use a USB Protocol Analyser to view the exact details of the USB Protocol. USBlyzer provides many other types of high-level USB-related information, which even inexperienced users will find useful in learning more about the USB Protocol. You just don't have to use all of its features.

Q: Does USBlyzer support other buses, such as PCI or IEEE 1394?

A: No. USBlyzer has been designed from the ground up to be only USB Protocol Analyser. Such specialization provides a better analysis quality.

Q: Which requests is USBlyzer able to decode?

A: USBlyzer captures and decodes all types of PnP IRPs, USB Request Block (URB), USB-related kernel-mode and user-mode I/O control requests. The complete list of supported requests can be seen on USB analysis features page. USBlyzer includes fully comprehensive Hub Class and HID Class decoders. More USB class decoders will be implemented in the future releases.

Q: Is it possible to install USBlyzer on more than one different computers?

A: Yes. One registered copy of USBlyzer may be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers.

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Latest Events
 May 15, 2016
USBlyzer 2.2 has been released.

- USB Mass Storage Class support added.

 March 16, 2014
USBlyzer 2.1 has been released.

- USB 3.0 support added.

 April 3, 2011
USBlyzer 2.0 has been released.

- 64-bit OS support.
- Elapsed and duration time measuring.